Cause and Effect of Teen Gossip

CAUSE- The cause of teen gossip could be many different things. Some reasons why people gossip are because, "putting others down makes us feel up, we feel popular when we're in on the office buzz, and it's accepted. Everybody does it." (Kee 5). In a majority of articles that is pretty much what all of them said. The major reason people do gossip is to make them feel good about themselves. "Still, gossip is our guilty pleasure." (Kee 4).
EFFECT- The result of teen gossip can result in many things. Studies were shown that talking kindly of others could raise your positive emotions by 3% and decrease negative emotions by 6%. It can also raise your self-esteem by 5% (Paul 1). Unfortunately, not all teen gossip is good gossip. Bad teen gossip could result in many ways. 
Some of the possible out comes could be...
-loss of friendship
-bad reputation
-hurt feelings
-and many other things. 

How Bad Rumors Can Start

"Did you hear about Mallori?"
"No, what happened?"
"Well, I'm not suppose to tell anyone, but if you promise not to say anything, I'll tell you."
"Okay, I promise." I would say thats how about 90% of bad gossip starts. Accoring to dictionary.com, the definition of gossip is "idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs to others." Teen gossiping is an emotional problem for many teens because it can lead to many other problems.  "Not everyone does it. But almost everybody does it" (Kee 1). That quote is saying, the rumor that is being spread may not have actually happened, but everyone keeps gossiping about it. As rumors go from one person to the next, they seem to get more extreme and dramatic by the second. 

How to Stop Bad Rumors

"Speak no evil. Make only positive statements. Hear no evil. Refuse to listen to gossip. Beware of repeating information. Learn to say "I'm sorry" if you speak badly of someone. Forgive those who spread gossip. Let it go" (Kee 5). All you have to do is walk away. You may be dyeing to be in the "loop", but this is someone elses business that may, or may not even be true. Some things that you hear might sound interesting and crazy, but do they really sound that realistic half of the time? Just remember to put yourself in their shoes, and see what if would be like to have everyone going around talking about you.